Les Vieux MursP                                                                       Luxury Bed and Breakfast in Bourbonnais

Near Moulins and Bourbon l'Archambault, south burgundy in Allier, in Auvergne region,  France

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Blue room

The Blue room is 28 square meters. You will like its romantic look with grey-blue colors. A beautiful look of the garden,

the room is furnished with a queen size bed (160*200 cm) and the bathroom with a large italien shower. Private toilets separated.

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LES VIEUX MURS - Laurence et Michel LOUYOT - 11 rue Maris Delaume - 03210 SOUVIGNY - FRANCE - TÚl. : 33 (0)4 70 42 91 10 - mail : laurence@lesvieuxmurs.fr