Les Vieux Murs                       Luxury Bed an Breakfast in Bourbonnais

The property

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"Les Vieux Murs" (the old walls) comes from middle age when the second protective walls of Souvigny were crossing the property from North to South. Today, only few parts of the walls are still standing next to the entrance of the house.

This Mansion, only 200 meters (200 yards) from historical center of Souvigny, in the Allier department, was built in 1905.

In the middle of two hectares (5 acres) park, the Neo-classical architecture, copy of the "little Trianon" of Versailles, house of Marie-Antoinette wife of Louis XVI,  is named  "folie" of 18th century.

Originaly, the house had running water with a windmill pumping water from a spring to a upper cistern. A central wood heating furnace producing hot air was directed to every room by a very modern concept of tubings.  The treatment of grey water was in place. The house was, for the begining of the XXem century, one of the most modern and original architecture in Bourbon area.

The complete restauration started in 2008 keeping the most of its originality and adding modern confort.

The huge reception hall is covered with beautiful dark paneling, has also a high ceiling of  7 meters covered with sculptured stuco.

You will be impresed by the staircase in dark wood.

The second splendor after the house, the park of nearly two hectares (5 acres) needs the visit for himself. You will enjoy a stroll in peace or stand looking at the hundreds years old trees.

 A pool, fed by a natural source, for enjoyment of visitors but also for fishng!

Among species, here are some drawn at random: sequoias,  limes, maples, cotinus coggypria, birchs, judas trees, tulip from virginia, american walnuts, boxtrees, ashs, catalpa, ginkgobiloba, jumpers, cedars, pines umbrellas, nut trees, etc...


LES VIEUX MURS - Laurence et Michel LOUYOT - 11 rue Maris Delaume - 03210 SOUVIGNY - FRANCE - Tél. : 33 (0)4 70 42 91 10 - mail : laurence@lesvieuxmurs.fr